Christmas money saving ideas

With Christmas coming up and the cold closing in we could all do with tightening our belts and saving some extra money. The cost of Christmas seems to grow every year, what with it seeming to start earlier and earlier and with the new children, nephews, neices and indeed grandchildren that come along as time goes by!

I’ve brought together five of my favourite tips in this article for how to save a bit of money this Christmas.


#1 Home-made gifts

Home-made gifts are a win-win for those on a budget. Not only can you create something the recipient will love, but you can do it really cheaply, and involve your children too. Here are some ideas that we’ve done in the past:

  • Hand-made Christmas cards. Get the kids involved with the glitter and glue.
  • Home baked mince pies.
  • Get your knit on. Knitting is back in fashion and a hand-made scarf or hat will be much loved.
  • Pressed flowers. Pick flowers, press between the pages of a heavy book for at least a few days (put paper between the book and the flowers!), then mount in a frame.

#2 Family Secret Santa

If you’re having a large family get together it can be a bit of a minefield working out what presents to get for who, and there’s always the potential to forget about a distant relative who you didn’t know was going to turn up! Do a Secret Santa instead – each person buys (or makes!) a present for just one other person chosen at random. Use an online tool like Secret Santa Elf to make the list. Because you’re only buying a present for one other person you can make sure it’s something good.

#3 Make a list and stick to it

Don’t plan the perfect Christmas shopping list only to throw it out the window at the first sign of a flashy ‘must-have’ item you see when out in town. Stick to your list and your budget!

Making a list is really important, and let’s you work out where you should be spending more and where you can spending a lot less. If you do this early enough you can also find some great bargains. And, if you really want to plan ahead and have the space, do some of your Christmas shopping for next year in January. Not only will you get some amazing prices, but you’ll remove a tonne of stress from next years preparation!


There you go, hopefully this should help you save a bit of cash in the weeks ahead. Let me know in the comments section below¬† if you agree, or if you’ve got any suggestions of your own!

In the next post I’ll be talking about ways to save money on Christmas dinner, don’t miss it!

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