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Today I want to share my tips for saving (and making!) money online. There are so many ways to save money that it can be hard to keep track of all of them, so I’ve gathered all of the sites and techniques I use here for reference.

Deal sites
Probably the most well known deal site in the Hot UK Deals. Members of the site compete to post deals, which other members can then vote on (make ‘hot’), which causes them to rise to the top of the page. There are several different sections of the site, such as fashion, home & garden, and groceries. This is a very popular site with a large and active community. Get involved!

Cashback websites
There are two main cashback sites you can use to get money back when making purchases online, TopCashback and QuidCo. Both of them work in the same way. When you make a purchase at an online retailer they will give you a percentage of the total price of your order back to you. The percentage is usually under 10%, and more commonly around 2-4%. It takes four to eight weeks for your cashback to process.

If you’re purchasing a £800 fridge or a £400 washing machine even 2% is worth having!

Supermarket vouchers
any of the large supermarkets regularly offer vouchers which you can use to get products for free when shopping online. I recommend Sainsbury’s.

Freebie websites
Lots of companies in the UK give away freebies and free samples, usually in return for your name and address. You need to be selective with what deals you sign up to because there are some shady companies out there. Two sites that I recommend and use are Free Stuff Now and Latest Free Stuff. These sites bring all the available freebies together into one place, so you don’t need to hunt around for them.

Price comparison
It’s always worth comparing prices before you make a purchase. You might think it’s not worth it for smaller purchases, but it is – over a year the savings can add up. I recommend PriceRunner and Google Shopping (accessed via a normal Google search, then clicking ‘Shopping’). To get the most benefit, and the biggest savings, use a price comparison site in conjunction with a cashback website!

Making money online
It’s not just about saving money, you can also make money online in return for watching adverts, completing surveys, giving your opinion, and even playing games. A site that I have used in the past for this is 22 cogs. You can’t make a huge amount of money this way, but you can complete the offers while doing something else (like watching the TV), so it doesn’t really feel difficult or like work.

As always, please comment if you disagree or have anything to add!

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